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HULLSAG MBS Ø 85 MM 0730085

Produktnummer: 184598
Salgsenhet: STK
inkl. mva.

This TCT Hole Saw is a multi-range Hole Saw for the universal use up to a material thickness of max. 10 mm (3/8") (without ejector spring). Through its solid construction and an enhanced cutting geometry (Registered Utility Model No. 202 03 232 9), an improved cutting behaviour combined with a high cutting capacity and tool life, is achieved. For the use on flat steel, as well as on pipes and vaulted materials. Cutting of overlapping holes is possible.

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Vekt 0.4 kg
Volum 0.4 liter
Type MBS
Bordiameter 85.0 mm
2 dimensjoner - størrelse og lengde
Min side