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B274Z05500HPG KC7425

Produktnummer: 3022446
Salgsenhet: STK
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Beyond SC Deep-Hole Drills. Multiple Materials. Through Coolant.
• HP solid carbide deep-hole drills with through coolant for steel, cast iron, stainless steel, high-temperature alloys, and non-ferrous materials.
• Application-specific SC drill for drilling holes up to 30 x D up to 4x faster than conventional HSS and gun drills.
• Broadest diameter range on the market from .0938–.6299″ (2,383–16mm).
• KMH-point geometry is available as a semi-standard, especially for crankshaft applications.
• KCPK20™ grade (B27_HPG) is an AlCrN-TiAlN-based coating provides outstanding wear resistance. New ultra-fine-grain carbide ensures process reliability at high feed rates in steel and iron.
• KN25™ Beyond uncoated grade (B27_HPS) with highly polished surface ensures superior chip evacuation and prevent built-up edge in aluminum and high-temp alloys, even when low-pressure coolant or MQL is applied.
• KCMS20 grade (B27_SGL) is a monolayer PVD AlTiN coated ultrafine grain carbide with superior surface finish. First choice for deep hole drilling of stainless steel and high-temperature resistant materials. Due to the coatings enhanced high temperature properties this grade can also be applied for MQL applications in steel.

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Vekt 0.5 kg
Volum 0.02 liter
Bordiameter 5.5 mm
Bortype B274
Borelengde 30XD
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